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Previous Episode 32 - 2nd September 2022

Current Episode 33 - 23rd September 2022

The world famous Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary is known for its many years of wonderful work providing contact and distant healing to those in need. Here in conversation with Rob Goodwin,  Chair of the Trustees, Martin Thomas shares his views about the current role of the sanctuary, it's history and the pioneering work of it's founder Harry Edwards as well as answering some challenging questions from his host!


As Martin says, "My parents were interested in spiritualism , and although I took no particular interest in it as a youngster, I was aware of the benefits my mother had received from years of absent healing from Harry Edwards in the 1960s. As an adult I also wrote to the Sanctuary myself for health issues, and was deeply grateful for the positive results received from Ray and Joan Branch. About 10 years ago I was finally able to visit the Sanctuary in person, both on Open Days and to receive contact healing which was beneficial. My active interest in becoming a healer started in 1998 after the passing of my father. I was moving around with my job, but managed to train with the NFSH (now Healing Trust) whilst living in Edinburgh and then in Houston, and finally met the Panel in 2006. I have been a member of the Ashford NFSH Healing Centre for many years, and currently serve there as Chair.

My Mum continued to receive 'The Healer' magazine for all those years, and then one day in 2016, just about the time I was retiring from work, I saw the advert in it for trustees. I applied and was eventually accepted, and stepped up to Chair in July 2018. 

I am passionate about the benefits of healing, and will work tirelessly for it to be at the top of our agenda."

In this episode Rob speaks with U.S. based animal communicator Lorraine Turner.

In 2010 during a daily meditation Lorraine discovered she could speak with animals. It began with wild horses in the US that were being rounded up and visited her every day asking for help and it was through this encounter that she began illustrating what all the animals were showing and teaching her.

You can read more about this here.

Lorraine became a Certified Professional Animal Communicator and has studied with world-renowned Wynter Worsthorne of AnimalTalk Africa.

She also specializes in distant communications using photographs sent to her from all over the world. Lorraine offers services for distant communications that are General, Animals in Spirit and Missing Animals.

Previous  Episode 31 - 14th August 2022

Here in conversation with Emma Mather, Robert Goodwin discusses her mediumship and in particular her wonderful spirit art.
Emma is a natural born medium and an empath, who over the years has had many varied experiences with spirit. She works Clairvoyantly, Clairaudiently and Clairsentiently, which means that she is able to see, hear, sense and feel spirit, including seeing and hearing externally. Emma is also able to see auras and can also feel the emotions and conditions of both those on the Earth plane and those in spirit, who may have had an illness or physical condition before their passing.

Emma has always had spiritual experiences from childhood and says. "I have seen spirit in different ways such as silhouettes, a bright light in the shape of a person, orbs or that which appear to be like tiny shooting stars. When I was 2 years old, I saw a man sitting on the couch, I was eating a lollipop at the time, I pointed my lollipop to the gentleman on the couch asking him if he wanted some, he did not speak but only turned his head side-to-side as if to say "No" to me. My mum came in the room at this point and asked me who I was talking to, I could only lip read her at the time because I was born partially deaf, I did not wear hearing aids until a little later on. As I grew older many would not always realize about my deafness due to the fact that I do not have any speech impediment."

When Emma does her spirit art, she often sees an invisible guideline on the blank canvas which helps her to draw over these guided lines of the etheric (spirit) and produce the portrait. She went public with her mediumship and spirit art in 2012, serving various churches within the UK. She has also done paintings and spiritual paintings over the years and also began making jewellery in 2014, followed by her crystal creations in 2019 and candles in 2020.