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The medium of White Feather

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Robert Goodwin - Trance Medium, Platform Medium, Author, Teacher and Spiritual Philosopher

A Life In Trance

Fifty Years as the medium of White Feather

The true story of how White Feather became the spirit guide of Trance Medium Robert Goodwin and their work together over the last fifty years.

Now available in Paperback or Digital download from:

"It is with pleasure and gratitude that I convey how much this book by Robert Goodwin has helped me on my own spiritual journey. Learning how his own development unfolded from his youth until now demonstrates his heartfelt desire to be in service to help others. The words he models as an inspiration to me and others in this book are being steadfast, humble, persevering, truthful, compassionate, and many more. I have come to understand why Spirit led me to Robert over a 3 year period through synchronicity to learn from him and develop my own trance work effectively. I also understand why White Feather chose to work with and through him over the last 50 years plus.
Robert writes eloquently and leads you well through his story. The sessions that were recorded with White Feather and included in this book answering questions for people are topics that expand our knowledge about how Spirit works to help those that are ready to listen to something greater than themselves, and hopefully to try to be a part of the solution to helping humanity through these difficult times. White Feather is also so helpful to individuals in their own areas of concern. The discussion between White Feather and Sunflower really touched me, and was so poignant as White Feather helped her understand her own situation and needs.
I highly recommend this book. I know I will read it more than once, and learn something new each time." Catherine (U.S)

Robert Goodwin

Trance Medium, Author,

Trainer and Spiritual Philosopher


Robert developed his abilities as a Trance Medium during the mid-to-late 1970s and began working publicly in Spiritualist Churches and other centres in August 1979, something that he has done continuously to the present day. During that time he has appeared at well over 150 venues. He has also demonstrated several times in Denmark and also in Ireland, plus internationally via his online work.

By request, Robert has demonstrated several times at The Arthur Findlay College, Stansted and either shared the platform or worked on weeks alongside many fine mediums including Gordon Higginson, Albert Best, Doris Collins, Coral Polge, Mary Duffy, Gerard Smith, Glyn Edwards, Ursula Robertsand others. Robert was also a close friend of former SNU President Eric Hatton and shared the platform with him many times, both at AFC and Stourbridge Spiritualist Church.

Robert's main guide is White Feather who imparts philosophy and answers questions through him to what is generally regarded as a very high standard. Robert is also clairvoyant/clairaudient and clairsentient and has also undertaken numerous private sittings (well into the 1000s) and one-to-one spiritual coaching.

Robert  and his wife Amanda have published 7 books of White Feather teachings and Robert has also written and published three further books 'Transcognitive Spirituality' (March 2013), Light: The Divine Intelligence (2016) and the latest 'A Life in Trance: Fifty years as the medium of White Feather' (July 2020).

He currently lives in the UK and continues to work closely with White Feather as well as developing other areas of his spirituality. Here, in his own words is some advice for all who may wish to follow in his footsteps:

"Mediumship is a vocation and there is no such person as a 'developed medium' - progress is always ongoing, for there is always something new to learn. Humility is the key to good mediumship, as is discipline and a desire to serve the infinite intelligence by helping others. I hope that you each find your own pathway and that this website and the White Feather teachings help you to reach your goals. Remember that you are all but servants of a greater power. Be the very best instrument that you can and always give your best at all times."

Best wishes,

Robert Goodwin

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What they said......


"All true trance mediumship should demonstrate a depth of communication that exceeds the mentality of the medium and also be totally spontaneous, especially when it comes to the guide answering questions from members of the public. There should be no unnecessary interference from the mind of the medium. although as with all forms of mediumship, there is some colouration because the unconscious mind cannot be entirely bypassed.

Finally, the communication itself should demonstrate a greater intelligence at work and it should be obvious to all who witness the demonstration that a higher mind and spirituality is being manifest.

White Feather is a master of communication, often combining his undoubted wisdom, with profound answers expressed so simply that all can understand them. Utilising his own dry sense of humour when necessary, to lift the energies, he appeals to both young and old, knowledgeable and ignorant alike - a true teacher of our time."

Expand your potential with me

Trance Development Courses

These offer a unique opportunity to work with Robert Goodwin across 6 x 1 Hour, One 2 One video sessions via Zoom during which time he will work with you to develop and hone your trance mediumship. Whilst the Introductory course is ideal for beginners or those with limited experience of trance , the Advanced course offers more depth and is structured to those already familiar with this specialised form of mediumship. All courses can be personally tailored to each individual's needs and also Include the option to have a personal One 2 One with White Feather during the final session. Click here for more information.

Live Trance Demonstrations

Robert and his wife Amanda (Sunflower) regularly undertake public demonstrations of trance during which White Feather speaks and takes questions from the audience. These are highly enjoyable and informative evenings, suitable for everyone, especially those seeking answers to some of life's deepest questions. We also undertake  online demonstrations via Zoom. Click here for more information.

Private sittings (Skype or Zoom)

Robert has demonstrated publicly for over 45 years as a platform medium and now offers private consultations for those seeking proof of their loved one's continued survival in the afterlife. Each sitting lasts for between 30-45minutes during which time Robert will relay evidence from those wishing to communicate. Although connections with specific individuals cannot be guaranteed by any medium, Robert is known for his accuracy and also his compassion towards all who seek help and guidance.


The cost is £45

Get in touch using the form below and Robert will get back to you with availability, or email Robert directly to inquire a time/date for your reading.

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