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"Life did not ‘come into existence’, from either nowhere or somewhere, from either nothing or something; it never was not. One cannot speak of beginnings or endings; only of what is. Even to say that awareness has always been and will always be, is deceptive, for it is suggestive of a passage of time, which is but a concept of mind. There is only beingness, nothing more and nothing less. Knowing this is to know oneself and God simultaneously, for they are one and the same. There is no other."

White Feather

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Here you can browse for information on the work of UK Trance Medium Robert Goodwin or book a private sitting or online course designed to help you develop your own abilities as a trance and platform medium. Robert has enormous experience and is highly respected throughout the UK and beyond for his evidential mediumship and wisdom through spirit guide White Feather.

Robert Goodwin - Trance Medium for White Feather
50 years unbroken service to spiritualism and the spirit world

An Online Evening with White Feather
There are no current events - watch this space for future online sessions

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Robert Goodwin

Trance medium, author, philosopher

Robert has been a trance medium for over 45 years but is now also considered by many to be a spiritual ambassador in his own right. His teachings encompass non-duality and spiritual enlightenment and he possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the afterlife and its association with humanity.

Author of ten books, his latest 'A Life in Trance' is now available worldwide from Amazon.


You can book Trance and Mediumship Development Courses here

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