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Books by Robert & Amanda Goodwin

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There are 9 books now available for digital download on uk or including the newly published, 'A Life in Trance'. Here are the titles and links:

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In addition, the following books are also available in Paperback versions: The Golden Thread, The Enlightened Soul,

Light: The Divine Intelligence & Transcognitive Spirituality - now available to purchase from this site - click here to order

Latest book

'A Life in Trance' now available as an eBook exclusively on Amazon worldwide.

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The latest book from James McQuitty features some new information from White Feather and other spirit guides. An must-buy for those seeking to understand and awaken from the dystopian future being imposed by the few, upon the many.

NEW - March 2023

'The Great Awakening: What the spirit guides say' - James McQuitty

At this time upon Earth a unique worldwide Spiritual Awakening is occurring. At the same time, running side by side with this spiritual awakening, there is another awakening, and it is to the corruption, the greed, and some say evil, that has been and still is rife on this plane of life, but is now being exposed for what it is, so that it can be dismantled and replaced by a more compassionate, kind, loving and fair society.
This book shares information in the form of communications received from a number of spirit guides speaking through fifteen different trance mediums over the course of more than a century, including ten mediums active today.
The spirit guides speak of both the positive impact of the spiritual awakening upon our spiritual nature, which is rising in frequency, and the ‘dark agenda’ run by ‘globalists’ or super-rich ‘materialists’ in cooperation worldwide with politicians controlling governments and directing them to do the bidding of those behind the dark agenda.
This surely is a book that every free thinker should read to understand what is going on both spiritually and to discover how the dark agenda seeks to impose their ‘madness’ and dominating and controlling agenda upon us all. An agenda that seeks to deny everyone the right of free speech, free movement, and in fact all freedoms that the would-be dictators wish to restrict and control. An agenda that we all need to stand-up to and say, “No”; an agenda we must resist and refuse to comply with. This is a time of revolution, but it must be a peaceful, non-violent revolution. Goodness triumphs through love, non-compliance, and by understanding our true nature as eternal spirit beings; this, the messages within this book inform us, is the way forward.

‘In these increasingly dystopian times one may be forgiven for wondering where salvation might be sought. Yet where better to look than from some of those enlightened souls in the afterlife whose guidance and wise counsel has brought comfort to countless individuals over the years? To this end the author has brilliantly drawn together the wisdom of several powerful spirit teachers, who although speaking independently of each other share the same vital information through a common thread that both warns of current and forthcoming events whilst also pointing towards the solution. Indeed, one cannot help but wonder, that had these wonderful spirit sages been brought together simultaneously and asked to address the issues now facing humanity, the resulting narrative would have precisely reflected the collective wisdom found within these pages. I congratulate James McQuitty on his diligence, determination and skill in sourcing, collating and bringing together this vital information so needed by humanity – he is truly a voice for spirit and a power for good.’

Robert Goodwin, Medium & Author.

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